Model/varenr.: 1004-1492
Celebrate the New Baby with cupcakes and treats served on this cute centerpiece stand. In minutes, you can create a colorful 3-tier cupcake stand with a fun decorative topper. Your cupcakes will look perfect for the shower.
Model/varenr.: 2308-1067

Sæt i 4 dele, er ca. 7,5 cm.

Model/varenr.: 417-7554

Fra Wilton. Med udstikkere er det let at lave sjove 3-D formet tal og bogstaver til din fondant kage eller cupcakes. Bare rul fondant'en ud, udstik og løft væk. Brug evt. en lille spartel ...

Model/varenr.: AM0148

fra 1 x 1,5 cm. til ca. 1,5 x 3 cm

Du sparer: 50,00
Model/varenr.: 2695001
Små søde bamser, stjerner og confetti i blå og hvid fra SweetKitchen. Særligt velegnet til dåb og 1 års fødselsdag. Perfekt til pynt på cupcakes, cakepops, kager, konfekt og desserter. Smager af vanilje. Indeholder ca. 60 g.
Model/varenr.: CUTTRACT

Everything you need to create a fun cake, tractor,cart and wheels are in this pack. The tractor is ideal as a 3D cake topper, it also be used to decorate the sides of a cake to create a lovely birthday or other celebratory cake. Size is approx 65mm x 80mm.

Fra: FMM
Model/varenr.: CUTFUNK

Fra FMM. En hurtig og let måde at lave alfabetet og tal i fondant på en sjov og funky måde. Stor bogstaver. Ca. 4 cm.

Fra: FMM
Model/varenr.: cutbabyft
Fra: FMM
Model/varenr.: CUTNURS

Consists of Two Babys, Dummy, Bottle, Cot, Booties, Bib, Rattle, Pram and Babies Face. ca. 250 x 30 mm.

Fra: FMM
Model/varenr.: pwork24

Fra Patchwork Cutters. Kan bruges som både udstikker samt som præger på fondant ...

Model/varenr.: X-pwork31

Fra Patchwork Cutters. Sættet indeholder skyer, stork med baby udstikker og detaljeret instruktioner i hvordan der opnåes en 3-D effekt ...

Model/varenr.: X-KB-J005
This adorable set of sugarcraft cutters will enable you to create the perfect christening/naming ceremony or welcome to the world cake. The high quality set of stainless steel cutters comprises of a sole cutter (29mm x 53mm) and three toe cutters (8mm, 6mm and 5mm). The small size of these sugar craft cutters makes them ideal for decorating larger cupcakes which would be a perfect centrepiece at a baby shower. See also the smaller baby foot set for smaller cup cakes.
Model/varenr.: IBI-788900
3 cm., 5 cm. og 7,5 cm.
Model/varenr.: CUTBUNT

Forget spending hours making bunting to decorate cakes and bakes, this easy to use set is all you need to create perfect bunting in three different sizes, with sharp yet smooth cutting edges a perfect result is guaranteed every time. Each cutter in the set cuts out 8 bunting shapes so a real time saving tool kit essential from FMM.

You can also personalise the bunting with names, dates and messages using our alphabet tappits. Add texture too using our impression mats or embossed rolling pins.

Approx measurements

Large:  35mm x 40mm x 40mm

Medium: 25mm x 30mm x 30mm

Small: 20mm x 25mm x 25mm

Fra: FMM
Model/varenr.: CUTCUTECAR

Create a selection of cars in fun and vibrant colours, maybe the colours of a favourite football team or personalise the cars by adding a birthday number. The car is ideal as a cake topper and can also be used to decorate the sides of a cake.

Fra: FMM