Model: 710-0017

Clever icing decorations will open your eyes to so many fun decorating possibilities! Icing decorations measure 1 cm. diameter and are perfect additions to faces on pops, cookies, cupcakes and more.

Model: 1913-1299
Concentrated oil-based color that blends beautifully into Wilton Candy Melts®. Contains red, blue, yellow and orange;
Model: X-1904-8016

Great for drying fondant flowers. Microwave-melt up to 11 Candy Melts® colors at one time for less mess! Non-slip grip edge. Includes decorating brush.

Model: 1912-9319
Sturdy paper sticks. Fun for cookie pops.
Model: 1912-9318
Sturdy paper sticks. Fun for cookie pops.
Model: 1904-1166

Melt candy with ease, then fill your mold with no mess! Our convenient bottles now are available in three sizes, so you can melt just the amount of Candy Melts® you need. Melt candy right in the bottle, then squeeze out into molds. Great way to store and reheat leftover candy.

Model: 1912-1006

Sturdy paper sticks. Not for oven use.

Model: SW6009

Melt the chocolate at 40-50 degrees. Cool to approx. 34 degrees. Add the cocoa butter powder (10g per. kg.) Stir well. When the chocolate has reached the desired temperature (29-32 degrees) it is ready for use.

Model: 1912-1007

Sturdy paper sticks in 15 cm. Not for oven use.

Model: 1912-1341
12 bags 10,5 x 17,5 cm.; 12 ribbons 30 cm.
Model: 710-2223

Candy eyeballs with eyelashes are the easy way to help your treats catch everyone’s eye! Great for snack cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and more.

Model: 710-0133

Clever icing decorations will open your eyes to so many fun decorating possibilities! It's a great way to put a face on cupcakes or cake. approx 1,5 cm. dia.

Model: 1904-1017
Three essential tools make dipping easy! Stainless steel wire touches less of your treats for a smooth look.Dips treats in any shape or size. Dip treats in any shape or size.
Model: 1904-1020

Create perfect drizzled lines with the funnel end of scoop. Funneled design for drizzling fine lines.

Model: 1512-136
Securely holds your pops upright as you decorate — great when making multiples of any design. It’s the ideal way to let the candy set on your pops undisturbed. TIPS FOR EASIER ASSEMBLY OF THE WILTON POPS DECORATING STAND: * Pre-pierce the pop holes you plan to use on ALL the plates BEFORE assembly of stand for easier insertion of pops * To assemble the bottom tier of the stand, connect the 2 half circles through the openings of vertical panels. They will fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Join the 2 locking tabs together through the vertical panel and fold them up at the scoreline to secure in place. Holds up to 44 pops. 30 cm dia. X 4,75 cm. high.